BLC cares about you

Your welfare comes first

The happiness and safety of BLC students are our priorities

At BLC, we ensure you are safe and happy while you study. We are here to answer all your queries about life in the UK. We’ll help you steer clear of problems, but if you need a friendly face or helping hand, we’re here to help.

Student support

BLC has a named welfare officer, who is there to support you. BLC’s Student Support Services will help you with any non-academic issues, ranging from registering with the police and medical services through to setting up a bank account.

24-hour emergency helpline

All our students are issued with a 24-hour emergency telephone number.

Great nationality mix

BLC teaches students from all over the world. You will be able to make friends and practise your English with people from diverse places.


99% of BLC students though that our teachers were friendly and efficient.


BLC students come from all over the world. In 2016:

  • 12% came from Asia
  • 7% from the Middle East
  • 6% from Eastern Europe
  • 3% from South and Central America
  • 1% from Africa
  • as well as students from a wide range of European countries
Steven Peters

Steven Peters, BLC Teacher

“The opportunity to work with people to achieve their goals and having the freedom to find solutions suited to individuals and their diverse goals are possibly the most rewarding aspects of the work”


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