BLC Anytime - interactive learning

BLC understands the benefits of learning both inside and outside the classroom. As part of our blended learning programmes, BLC is proud to offer you free access to its interactive learning platform for use on mobile, tablet and desktop devices from the time you enrol, for the duration of your course and beyond.


  • Mobile and online access to an extensive range of learning activities and practice exercises to help you improve your English outside the classroom.
  • Grammar review and building exercises to help you work on your structures and improve your accuracy.
  • Natural roleplays and real-life scenarios show how you can actively use new grammar and vocabulary in your speaking.
  • A vast range of authentic and guided learning material, including video lessons and help with exam preparation.
  • A record of your individual tutorials with your teacher, including comments on your level, your progress and how you can improve further.
  • 24/7 access: log on and learn ‘Anytime’
  • Included in your course fees


  • Achieve your personal language learning objectives.
  • Prepare online for tests and international exams.
  • Continue to improve your language level after your course.
  • Learn in the way and at the best time to suit you.
  • Available 24/7 for no extra fee.

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  • Learn in your own way, using authentic material
  • A structured individual learning plan at your own level
  • Reach your personal learning goals
  • Prepare online for tests and exams
  • Available 24/7
  • No extra fee payable
Milo Etherton

Milo Etherton, BLC Teacher

“It's fantastic to be able to teach such a variety of ages, abilities and backgrounds - every day is different! What doesn't change is the friendly and supportive atmosphere among both students and staff”


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