Spanish For

Spanish Lessons for Children

Fun-packed & progressive Spanish lessons for children aged 6-11

Our Spanish classes will boost your child’s confidence in language subjects at school, immerse them into the 2nd most spoken language in the world, AND help with their overall learning.

  • Beginner lessons for 6 to 11 years olds
  • Fun, interactive, modular classes to ensure tracked progression
  • Classes every Thursday at 5pm at our central Bristol Language centre
  • Qualified Spanish teachers who specialise in teaching children

Our Philosophy

At BLC we are passionate believers in early exposure to a second language.

Our Spanish lessons are for children aged 6-11 who are beginners in the language.

Our aim is to help your child develop a love of languages, progressively learn Spanish, and have fun doing it!

Why your child should learn a second language?

Research has found that children who speak more than one language do better in school, and have better memories and problem-solving skills.

It also arms children with a unique skill for future educational and career opportunities.  Language education is critical for the workforce of the future and speaking another key language can hugely broaden career options.

Why Spanish?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world making it a logical second language.  Spanish is spoken in 21 countries by more than 400 million people around the world.

It is a beautiful language, and one which is relatively simple for a native English speaker to pick up…making it perfect for children to grasp.

Times & Prices

Our Spanish classes are for children aged 6-11 and are interactive and fun to bring the language to life for your child.

They run every Thursday term time from 5-6pm

Cost is £9 a lesson which can be booked termly, and the course book is £8.90

Our Teachers

Our Spanish ‘Languages for Kids’ teachers are experienced teachers, who are native Spanish speakers.

The Course

At BLC, we offer Spanish classes taught by a specialist native teacher, where children can learn in a well-structured yet fun environment. Our lessons include a variety of engaging activities which encourage interaction and communication in Spanish.

Children will learn through memorable songs, stories, games, and crafts, learning key vocabulary, simple grammar rules and pronunciation skills.

The methodology varies depending on the age of the student and all classes offer plenty of opportunity to cover the four main skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. We use a variety of audio-visual materials in class including interactive games, songs, videos and storyboards to encourage interaction and participation and keep young learners engaged.

All materials are provided and include a range of worksheets where students can practice and reinforce the topic of the day through puzzles, simple writing tasks to help form questions, full sentences and teach spelling rules, matching and identifying opposites and short reading comprehensions. We’ll cover a range of topics from basic greetings and important phrases for daily communication, family, school, food, hobbies, daily routine and much more.


By the end of each term, students will be better able to communicate their likes and dislikes, communicate on a range of topics such as their favourite foods, their school and their families, introduce themselves and ask basic questions.


Our sessions have a communicative approach with less focus on grammar and rules and more on communication as suited to language learning and the children’s learning preferences.

All children will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of each term.

* Please be aware that the British Council provides BLC with accreditation for the teaching of English in presential classes within our school. Therefore while our school is accredited by the British Council, Spanish courses do not fall into this category.

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Course Pricing & Booking


  • Next Course starts 5th September for 7 weeks
  • £9 per hour long lesson (£8.90 for course book)
  • Lessons Thursday 5-6pm
  • For children aged 6-11


Accredited by the British Council Quality English EnglishUk Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre