BLC Anytime - interactive learning

BLC understands the benefits of learning both inside and outside the classroom. As part of our blended learning programmes, BLC is proud to offer you free access to its interactive learning platform for use on mobile, tablet and desktop devices from the time you enrol, for the duration of your course and beyond.


  • Mobile and online access to thousands of extra activities and exercises, including pronunciation, listening and reading practice to help improve your English outside the classroom
  • Includes a vast range of authentic and guided learning material
  • With access to a range of handy apps, such as the BLC social activity calendar and useful grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • Ability to share your learning and social experiences with friends via Facebook and Twitter
  • A wide range of exam preparation materials are available
  • 24/7 access: log on and learn ‘Anytime’
  • Included in your course fees

Login to BLC Anytime here


  • Learn in your own way, using authentic material
  • A structured individual learning plan at your own level
  • Reach your personal learning goals
  • Prepare online for tests and exams
  • Available 24/7
  • No extra fee payable
Ian Riddell

Ian Riddell, BLC Teacher

“The best thing is the opportunity to meet so many different
students from around the world. I love talking to them,
getting to know the culture and testing the diverse dishes
they bring to BLC international food parties”


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