Additional fees

Costs associated with all courses at BLC

Deposit and registration fee

You must pay a non-refundable deposit of £300. This includes a registration fee of £50. The registration fee includes materials and access to our interactive learning resources, but does not include course books. (Please note that group packages do not include access to BLC Anytime or BLConTEXT.)

Course books

Students on all courses must purchase a course book, with the exception of group and summer junior courses. You will be sold a course book when you arrive. All course books cost £25.

Adult Social Programme

Adult social activities are not included in the course price. Many activities are free, and the total cost per week does not usually exceed £20. Please refer to individual events on the Calendar

If you want to have fun at the same time you learn, it is one of the best places I know

Daniel Sanchez Exposito, Spanish, aged 28


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