Intensive English Course

Our lessons will be taught by experienced, certified teachers from our partner schools. You will have the opportunity to join a small group class with students from all over the world and progress your language level in a safe and nice environment. 

Full-time courses are now available to book, please contact if you have any questions.

Improve your English language skills for everyday situations

This course is the most efficient way to improve your English if you have limited time or need to improve your language as quickly as possible in order to progress to an examination course, or for business.

This course will enable you to quickly improve your English language skills and help you reach your goals.  On average Intensive English students improve up to 50% quicker than students on the General English course, making this our best value course.

The Intensive English course gives you 7.5 extra hours per week skills lessons focused on reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our teachers decide which topics to run each week based on the interests and needs of the students in the school.

Who is it for?

This class is a full time English language course (mornings and afternoons). This course is suitable for Elementary to Advanced level students aged 18 and above.

At the start of your course you will be placed in a class, according to your level. You can join the course at any time during term time* and study for the length of time you need.   

*We recommend that low level students start their course at the beginning of term. Contact us to know more about our beginners’ course dates

How will I improve?

This course is the fastest way to develop your English language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Your afternoon lessons will include additional skills work in areas of interest to the group, so you can use this time to focus on the language areas most beneficial to you.

Our aim is to make sure that your language improves as quickly as possible and that you have mastered the skills required to progress to the next level.

What next?

On successful completion of this course you will be able to read, write, speak and listen to English language with more confidence.  You can progress to the next level, or take one of our examination courses, such as FCE, CAE, or IELTS

Course Timetable *

Intensive English courses are made up of 30 lessons of 45 minutes per week( a total of 22.5 hours per week.

Lessons 1 and 2 (9.15 – 10.45)

Using a course book, the lesson will focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Lessons 3 and 4 (11.00 – 12.30)

After the break, make the best of a skills lesson with the opportunity to practise speaking, listening, reading and writing. Benefit from flexible content based around the group’s needs and requests. You can let the teacher know which topics and language points you would like to study.

Lessons 5 and 6 (13.45- 15.15)

Your afternoon lessons will include additional General English skills work in areas of interest to the group, or you can opt to prepare for an exam, study Academic English with IELTS or Professional English.

*Please note that this is a sample timetable. Contact us to get more information and tailor your course to your needs

Course dates

You can join the course on any Monday during term time. We recommend low level students to start their course at the beginning of term. Contact us to know more about our beginners’ course dates.


Cost per week
1-6 weeks 7-12 weeks 13-24 weeks 25+ weeks
£285 £275 £265 £245

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Course Pricing & Booking


  • Elementary to advanced levels
  • Course length as required
  • Minimum length: 1 week
  • Start any Monday during term time
  • 30 lessons per week  (45 mins each, 22.5 hours in total)  (see Sample timetable)
  • Maximum class size: 14 (average class size: 10)
  • Students aged 16 and above

The teachers were able to develop good rapport with students, topics for discussion were thoroughly chosen, and students were encouraged to express their opinions

Natalya Volvenko, Ukrainian, aged 30


Accredited by the British Council Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre