Your Future
In English


Here at BLC, we provide great facilities to enhance your experience of learning English

You will benefit from a well-equipped multimedia centre with a total of 14 computers, as well as 18 modern and bright classrooms with interactive whiteboards and projector screens. Individual student tutorials are delivered interactively using BLC tablets and you will have free access to our online learning environment BLC Anytime. There are several break-out areas where students can purchase drinks and snacks, as well as the BLC shop for practical items such as adaptors and mobile phone credit.

BLC is part of an active learning environment.  In additional to language learning, BLC premises host a Kip McGrath Educational Centre which provides after school tuition in English and Maths for local school children aged 6-16.  


  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the school
  • Student lounge and TV area
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Computer self-study access
  • Online learning environment (BLC Anytime)
  • 18 bright modern classrooms
  • Mobile learning (BLConTEXT)
  • BLC shop


Kasia Tyka

Kasia Tyka, BLC Teacher

“It's definitely the people. I love coming to work with people from every corner of the globe and finding out what makes them tick. A large part of my job relies on building rapport with students so it really helps that I'm genuinely interested in them”


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