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Student comments

See what past students have said about life in Bristol and their time at BLC

I was astonished how good my course is

Finn Patrick Buschi, Swiss, aged 17

My English improved a lot in all possible skills, namely speaking, reading, listening, writing and in uses of grammar and a great range of vocabulary

Braulio Monteiro, Angolan, aged 19

Bristol is a city full of life. It is very nice and not too big to live. Especially worth visiting the city center and the famous suspension bridge. There are different types of pubs and clubs, with different types of music. It is a very clean and quite safe

Terese González Prieto, Spanish, aged 33

There is the time for everythings ... time for writing ... time for listening ... time for speaking ...

Lara Dognini, Italian, aged 45

Family was so kind, friendly! Thank you so much

Denis Ivanov, Russian, aged 22

It's better than London because here everybody speak in English, in London we can find a lot of foreign people

Lorenzo Riva, Italian, aged 20

The city is very clean and organised. Pleasant with greenery all around. People are friendly

Asha Subramaniam, Indian, aged 34

Teachers are really active and passionate, so it was a pleasure to learn the English language

Marlene Darmandieu, French, aged 22

It was interactive, explored different areas and skills related to English

Anis Zeighamnia, Italian, aged 24

I have been able to practise and improve the speaking, which was what I really needed

Patricia Garces Ramon, Spanish, aged 26

Naomi Mullins

Naomi Mullins, BLC Teacher

“I love meeting students from all different countries and hearing about their cultures and experiences - it makes for some very fun and interesting discussions in class, which is great speaking practice for students!”


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