Student comments

See what past students have said about life in Bristol and their time at BLC

The teacher has been very intelligent, mixing business contents with other more general questions

Miguel Anguas (English for Work evening course), Spanish, aged 39

There is the time for everythings ... time for writing ... time for listening ... time for speaking ...

Lara Dognini, Italian, aged 45

BLC made me love English more than I already did, and I had the chance to discover a new wonderful city. Thank you!

Frederico Russo, Italian, aged 19

Bristol is a great city because the city offers a big range of possibilities to spend your free time

Miguel Guerrero, Spanish, aged 42

I could speak a lot with my family, practise my English. She is very nice and funny

Elodie Chaudan, French, aged 22

I have learnt a lot of new vocabulary and I have lost the fear of speaking English

Manuel Polo Casado, Spanish, aged 27

The teacher was excellent. Evening course was always fun

Zuzana Grivalska (General English evening course), Slovakian, aged 28

I like the class here because the students are from different countries and we can become friends and play with each other

Ying Feng, Chinese, aged 16

I like the content of the course and that it focus to the CAE exam, which is my aim. The teachers were very nice and patient solving all our problems

Maria Bueno (CAE evening course), Spanish, aged 24

It's a dynamic city with a lot of things to do

Sabrina Grimard, Canadian, aged 24

Steven Peters

Steven Peters, BLC Teacher

“The opportunity to work with people to achieve their goals and having the freedom to find solutions suited to individuals and their diverse goals are possibly the most rewarding aspects of the work”


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