Student comments

See what past students have said about life in Bristol and their time at BLC

Very friendly staff and teachers. They always try to help us in everything

Victor Escalada, Spanish, aged 22

All the organization of the BLC is perfect and my accommodation was completely brilliant. Congratulations

Luis Gomez Saiz, Spanish, aged 20

I would recommend this school to another student because it’s a good place to learn English whatever your needs or level are

Laura Rodriguez Font, Spanish, aged 29

The teachers were able to develop good rapport with students, topics for discussion were thoroughly chosen, and students were encouraged to express their opinions

Natalya Volvenko, Ukrainian, aged 30

I was astonished how good my course is

Finn Patrick Buschi, Swiss, aged 17

The teachers are knowledgeable and humorous, every staff is very friendly and patient. I had a good time at BLC

Yfan Shen, Chinese, aged 23

There is the time for everythings ... time for writing ... time for listening ... time for speaking ...

Lara Dognini, Italian, aged 45

Teachers are really active and passionate, so it was a pleasure to learn the English language

Marlene Darmandieu, French, aged 22

The extra material given by the teacher was really good

Miguel Anguas (English for Work evening course), Spanish, aged 39

Family was so kind, friendly! Thank you so much

Denis Ivanov, Russian, aged 22

Naomi Mullins

Naomi Mullins, BLC Teacher

“I love meeting students from all different countries and hearing about their cultures and experiences - it makes for some very fun and interesting discussions in class, which is great speaking practice for students!”


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