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Student comments

See what past students have said about life in Bristol and their time at BLC

Family was so kind, friendly! Thank you so much

Denis Ivanov, Russian, aged 22

Bristol is a great city because the city offers a big range of possibilities to spend your free time

Miguel Guerrero, Spanish, aged 42

My English improved a lot in all possible skills, namely speaking, reading, listening, writing and in uses of grammar and a great range of vocabulary

Braulio Monteiro, Angolan, aged 19

Now, I feel more confident when I talk to English people or just when I have to send an email or write a letter

Francisco Javier Martín Moreno, Spanish, aged 26

I have learnt a lot of new vocabulary and I have lost the fear of speaking English

Manuel Polo Casado, Spanish, aged 27

Bristol has a nice harbour and the city center is very interesting, with a good array of shops and restaurants

Ruben Rebato Gomez, Spanish, aged 23

I was astonished how good my course is

Finn Patrick Buschi, Swiss, aged 17

I love it, because it has the best of both worlds. The best of the city (the space, the buildings, the people...), and the best of the town or the countryside (small markets, no skyscrapers, cycling all over the place...)

Irati Esnal Auzmendi, Spanish, aged 24

The teachers were able to develop good rapport with students, topics for discussion were thoroughly chosen, and students were encouraged to express their opinions

Natalya Volvenko, Ukrainian, aged 30

The school is well located, near to the down town and the other important services

Anna Carina, Portuguese, aged 30

Steven Peters

Steven Peters, BLC Teacher

“The opportunity to work with people to achieve their goals and having the freedom to find solutions suited to individuals and their diverse goals are possibly the most rewarding aspects of the work”


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