Student comments

See what past students have said about life in Bristol and their time at BLC

Bristol is a city full of life. It is very nice and not too big to live. Especially worth visiting the city center and the famous suspension bridge. There are different types of pubs and clubs, with different types of music. It is a very clean and quite safe

Terese González Prieto, Spanish, aged 33

If you want to have fun at the same time you learn, it is one of the best places I know

Daniel Sanchez Exposito, Spanish, aged 28

I would recommend this school to another student because it’s a good place to learn English whatever your needs or level are

Laura Rodriguez Font, Spanish, aged 29

Honestly, thinking in the price and length, I can’t demand any more. The teacher really really good

Miguel Anguas (English for Work evening course), Spanish, aged 39

All the organization of the BLC is perfect and my accommodation was completely brilliant. Congratulations

Luis Gomez Saiz, Spanish, aged 20

My English improved a lot in all possible skills, namely speaking, reading, listening, writing and in uses of grammar and a great range of vocabulary

Braulio Monteiro, Angolan, aged 19

I like the class here because the students are from different countries and we can become friends and play with each other

Ying Feng, Chinese, aged 16

The teacher was excellent. Evening course was always fun

Zuzana Grivalska (General English evening course), Slovakian, aged 28

It was interactive, explored different areas and skills related to English

Anis Zeighamnia, Italian, aged 24

Everything was very nice and well organized. You are all very helpful and you really make an effort to help us learn English

Encarnacion Pena, Spanish, aged 36

Steven Peters

Steven Peters, BLC Teacher

“The opportunity to work with people to achieve their goals and having the freedom to find solutions suited to individuals and their diverse goals are possibly the most rewarding aspects of the work”


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