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Student comments

See what past students have said about life in Bristol and their time at BLC

I like the content of the course and that it focus to the CAE exam, which is my aim. The teachers were very nice and patient solving all our problems

Maria Bueno (CAE evening course), Spanish, aged 24

I have had a great host family to practise my English as well as collect a different lifestyle

Finn Patrick Buschi, Swiss, aged 17

I really appreciated the friendly relationship between students and teachers as well as the teachers’ motivation which encouraged me to study even more

Maximilian Konig, German, aged 20

Now, I love Bristol. I walked around the city every day and I think it is a wonderful city

Raul Gonzalez Maraver, Spanish, aged 34

It's better than London because here everybody speak in English, in London we can find a lot of foreign people

Lorenzo Riva, Italian, aged 20

My IELTS result was really good, I am able to practise my academic language

Dieneba Mariam Diop, Malian, aged 23

I have been able to practise and improve the speaking, which was what I really needed

Patricia Garces Ramon, Spanish, aged 26

I have got the score in IELTS for entering university. It was more than I wanted

Milad Ashqi Abdullah, Iraqi, aged 25

Bristol is a city full of life. It is very nice and not too big to live. Especially worth visiting the city center and the famous suspension bridge. There are different types of pubs and clubs, with different types of music. It is a very clean and quite safe

Terese González Prieto, Spanish, aged 33

It was interactive, explored different areas and skills related to English

Anis Zeighamnia, Italian, aged 24

Steven Peters

Steven Peters, BLC Teacher

“The opportunity to work with people to achieve their goals and having the freedom to find solutions suited to individuals and their diverse goals are possibly the most rewarding aspects of the work”


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