Student comments

See what past students have said about life in Bristol and their time at BLC

The teachers are knowledgeable and humorous, every staff is very friendly and patient. I had a good time at BLC

Yfan Shen, Chinese, aged 23

Very friendly staff and teachers. They always try to help us in everything

Victor Escalada, Spanish, aged 22

It was a great idea to receive a text on my mobile phone every day before my class. It prompted me to think in English and to learn useful idiomatic expressions and new words quickly

Sara Guerrini, Italian, aged 23

Bristol is a city full of life. It is very nice and not too big to live. Especially worth visiting the city center and the famous suspension bridge. There are different types of pubs and clubs, with different types of music. It is a very clean and quite safe

Terese González Prieto, Spanish, aged 33

I was astonished how good my course is

Finn Patrick Buschi, Swiss, aged 17

Professional and friendly teachers who have patience to your mistakes. Interesting lessons with great speaking practice. All this has allowed me to bring my knowledge of English language to a new level

Alexander Cherkasov, Russian, aged 24

I could speak a lot with my family, practise my English. She is very nice and funny

Elodie Chaudan, French, aged 22

I like the content of the course and that it focus to the CAE exam, which is my aim. The teachers were very nice and patient solving all our problems

Maria Bueno (CAE evening course), Spanish, aged 24

There are many students from different countries and the city is full of interesting places

Emiliya Belova, Russian, aged 22

I improved all the aspects I wanted to improve

Marc Montserrat, Spanish, aged 25

Naomi Mullens

Naomi Mullens, BLC Teacher

“I love meeting students from all different countries and hearing about their cultures and experiences - it makes for some very fun and interesting discussions in class, which is great speaking practice for students!”


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