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May 20, 2014 · Filed under Life at BLC, Our students · Posted by admin

"I've been studying at BLC for nine months as a student. I chose to come here to learn English because a friend of mine that he studied here and advised me to go to Bristol in BLC to learn English. I accepted his advice and he had reason, BLC is a fantastic school the teacher and the staff are very polite and available with the students. The social programme is well organise there three activities…

Nov 12, 2013 · Filed under Life at BLC, Our students · Posted by admin

I joined the BLC School one week ago as a student and for a little work experience. For me, it is the second time in England. I was very excited and curious about the school and my host family.  I was relieved when I met my nice host family. My first day in BLC was very exciting because I did not know the students and the teachers. At first the new Students who also arrived and I have done…

Jul 18, 2013 · Filed under Studying at BLC, Our students · Posted by admin

"During the second week we have done lots of interesting activities, one of the funniest things was the bowling and karaoke because we could enjoy ourselves and meet new people. The bowling was situated in the middle of the city, in the artistic street where you can find many amazing street-art on the walls. Also, inside the bowling you can find creative paints with original…


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