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What can I do to improve my English? Part 2 - Online resources

Oct 17, 2018 · Filed under English Tips · Posted by katie  | Comments (0)

In my last post, I’ve given you some tips on how to make your language learning process more efficient and mentioned regularity as the crucial factor. Today I’d like to give you some ideas for online resources you can use.

In the Internet-dominated world that we live in, a course book is certainly not enough for a language learner anymore. But with the abundance of foreign-language materials that we can get for free, it is easy to get lost somewhere among the hundreds of websites and apps available, which can be a source of frustrations. So if you are looking for a concise list of useful online materials, hopefully mine will come in handy!


BBC iPlayer Radio

If you want to listen to the British radio stations, you can obviously do it online but here’s a user-friendly app that you can use wherever you are!

Learn English Podcasts from British Council (

Five different podcasts for students of all levels of English – from beginners to the advanced, everyone will find something for themselves. The podcasts are interesting and well done with the transcript provided in case you wanted to consult it.

Voicetube (

I’m sure you use Youtube a lot, so why not advance your language skills at the same time? On Voicetube, you can watch subtitled videos of a chosen level and about a topic of interest, create your lists of vocabulary and do fun quizzes on what you’ve watched.

Lyrics Training (

An addictive way of learning a language through music and videos of your favourite songs – I’m sure you’ll love it.

Podcast Addict

Another app for those of you who want to practise English but are always on the go. There’s plenty of podcasts to choose from – different channels and topics and an option of downloading episodes to listen when you’re offline.



News in Levels (

Use the website if you want to read news in English but you’re not comfortable reading it on websites such as BBC yet (don’t worry, you’ll get there!). You can choose three different proficiency levels of the same article and there’s a short list of difficult vocabulary included.

Read Theory ( and Dream Reader (

Two websites where you can find short articles supplemented by quizzes about the content – an enjoyable way of practising reading comprehension.

BBC ( and Guardian (

Two good sources of daily news and interesting articles on different topics, for those who have a more advanced level of English proficiency.

Mental Floss ( and Vice (

If, instead of news, you prefer to read something light but informative at the same time, you should check out these two websites. Lifestyle, entertainment and art are only some of the topics you’ll find there. And lots of useful vocabulary on top of that!

Humans of New York (

Last but not least, Humans of New York is a website full of stories told by people from different countries. Some of them are funny, others are moving but most importantly, all of them are authentic recounts of people’s experiences.


Which websites have you found most useful? Let us know in the comments!

- Martyna Jenkner, BLC Intern 2018


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