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Introducing Hayley Robinson, BLC's new Director of Studies

Sep 09, 2018 · Filed under BLC Experience · Posted by katie  | Comments (0)
Introducing Hayley Robinson, BLC's new Director of Studies

"My love of languages and travel began as a small child. Annual family holidays to beautiful, Spanish beach resorts sparked a fascination into Spanish culture and inevitably, the language. My school didn't offer Spanish as a foreign language, so at 14 I enrolled myself into a GSCE course at night school, passing the exam just 6 months later. After failing my first year of Spanish A level, I committed myself to intensive study all summer and later achieved my A grade in the September resit. Endless hours in the library reading Don Quixote and trawling the department notice boards for language exchanges and 4 years later, I graduated university with distinction in Spoken Spanish. Learning a new language takes hard work, dedication and desire, but can be the most rewarding experience anyone could wish to have.

I began my career teaching English as a foreign language in Milan, Italy, 10 years ago after graduating from the University of Leeds. I then moved to Huelva on the south west coast of Spain, first working for the British Council in local schools and then in private language schools.

I speak Spanish and Italian and know how important learning a second or third language can be. Not just to help promote better understanding and communication between people of other cultures, but also to open doors professionally, showing a range of skills employers really value.

After a few years in the classroom, I moved into management. Being a Director of Studies means I oversee the successful implementation of the academic programme. I stay up to date with trends in the field and ensure our students benefit from the most up-to-date resources and methodology in the classroom. I recruit experienced and dedicated teachers who are as passionate about teaching as I am, as I know very well how having an inspirational teacher can make all the difference to your learning experience.

For the last six years, in between managing language schools in Seville, the capital of Andalucía, I have been involved in the academic management of a variety of summer programmes for international students visiting the UK. I am dedicated to ensuring our students feel empowered through their education and have the most rewarding cultural and linguistic experience possible.

Finally, after a total of 10 years abroad I decided to permanently relocate back to my native England. So, why Bristol?

I first came to Bristol 2 years ago whilst exploring the South of England on a road trip with friends. After only one day here I loved it so much I decided not to go anywhere else and stayed in Bristol to explore further. Bristol is a buzzing, multicultural city with so much to see and experience. I’m originally from Manchester, so living in a manageable city with an excellent music scene, an eclectic range of food and cultural events and friendly locals is a must for me! If I were a young student in search of a vibrant, safe city where I could learn a language and make lifelong friends and memories, Bristol, and of course BLC, would be my first choice. 

When you arrive, I will be involved in your induction and level testing process and make sure you are put into the right group for your level and needs. I’m here every day and my door is always open for any queries you might have about your studies. I work closely with your teachers to make sure I am fully informed about your progress.

As a speaker and student of other languages myself, I fully understand the joy and frustrations learning a foreign language can bring; overcoming shyness and being brave enough to speak to local people, experimenting with new colloquial vocabulary, having difficulty understanding different regional accents.

Don’t worry, we’re here to support and guide you every step of the way."


Hayley Robinson | Director of Studies

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