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Why You Should Take an English Language Course in Bristol

Oct 04, 2017 · Posted by blc  | Comments (0)

Here at BLC, we have known for a long time that Bristol is a wonderful place to live, work and study.

That's why it came as no surprise that our wonderful city was voted ‘The best place to live in the UK’ this year.

But what is it that makes Bristol such a popular place to live? And why is it such a great city for you to choose for your English language course?

We have spoken to staff, students and locals to bring you...

The Top Reasons to Study English In Bristol

1. You will never be bored in Bristol

Yes, quite a statement. But it is true!

Bristol is a thriving, buzzing hub of cultural and social activity. It has a great music scene, fabulous restaurants and 100s of independent shops and bars.

On top of this, Bristol seems to host a different original event or festival almost daily.

There’s the Balloon Fiesta, Harbour Festival, Grillstock, Bristol Pride, The Kite Festival, Downs Festival, Street Art Festival and a whole host of other weird and wonderful events throughout the year.

Oh and then there’s the touristy things. Bristol has diverse neighbourhoods to explore, Banksy murals to find, Brunel’s famous Suspension Bridge to cross, and a fascinating history to discover in one of the many museums.

In fact you are going to struggle to fit everything in!

“Amazing place to visit... 6 weeks are not enough to see everything ! (I will come back)” - Joanna Chetelat, Swiss, 21

2. You are well placed in Bristol to explore the whole of the UK

Bristol is in the perfect spot for getting out and about and seeing the rest of the UK.

Located at the gateway to the South West, Bristol has great transport links via rail, road and air.

We have the historic city of Bath only 15 minutes by train and the honey-coloured cottages of the Cotswolds close by. Plus Bristol is only 1.5 hrs away from one of North Devon’s glorious beaches for some surfing and a cream tea.

London is 90 minutes on the train and close enough for a day trip to see the sights.

Of course, given there is so much to do in Bristol, you may decide to focus your sight seeing here. In which case you’ll be pleased to hear that Bristol is ranked the second best city for walking and cycling in the UK….which will also keep you fit as Bristol is a city built on 7 hills!

“I've come to love Bristol for all interesting things to see or do. It's location in UK is perfect. Not to far from other interesting places.I would've stayed longer if I could. I really hope that I will come back some day”. – Jenny Velinder, Swedish, 40

3.You will have access to lots of future opportunities

Improving your English language skills will help you to succeed in whatever you do in the future.

Another benefit of studying in Bristol is that you will be in a strong position to tap into the many opportunities on offer in the city.

Bristol is home to two Universities, both with links to industries across many sectors.

“Bristol is very beautiful city where there are lots of young people, lots of opportunities for fun, I think even opportunity for job. It was a good decision to choose Bristol” – Petra Jemelikova, Czech, 27

Many leading organisations have based their operations in Bristol.

The BBC’s famed Natural History Unit is in the city centre. In fact Bristol is the global capital of natural history programme making. Over 25% of the world's natural history films are made in Bristol.

The city is strong in engineering, creative industries (Oscar winning Aardman is based here in Bristol), healthcare and financial services.

Booming businesses and the city’s strong community spirit means that if you are looking to work in the UK after your studies, you are in the right place.

“Bristol tops the chart of Britain’s best places for graduates to live and work.” - Sunday Times

4.You will get more for your money in Bristol

Ok, so London is maybe the obvious choice if you want to study English in the UK, but it’s a costly, and sometimes unfriendly, option.

Bristol on the other hand is as exciting as London whilst providing a much higher quality and lower cost of life.

Not only will your accommodation be a fraction of the cost, but pretty much everything you do will cost less which means you can do more!

Plus, Bristol is a friendly city and we are a happy bunch. So much so that The Guardian newspaper named Bristol one of ‘The happiest cities to work in the UK’

“Definitely, Bristol is a great city because of it student environment and the variety of activities, such as parks, theatres, free museums or pubs... It's a wonderful opportunity to meet people from different places of the globe, and it's not as expensive as London or Oxford. - Beatriz Márquez Merchán” Spanish, 18

Still not convinced about Bristol for your English language Course?

As the Sunday Times summarised “Bristol has everything you'd want from a big city - vibrant nightlife, pretty sights and plenty to do - but all on your doorstep”.

However if you want yet more evidence that Bristol is the BEST place to study English then why not join our Facebook Communityand see for yourself what our students are saying about their time with us.

“Bristol is really big but not huge; very brilliant and interesting. I've already suggested the city to some friends” – Michele Marin, Italian, 34

“There are many restaurants and shops. It's very convenient. And the city is safer than I thought. The inhabitants in Bristol are very kind I think”. – Chiaki Takamatsu, Japanese, 22

For more information on our English courses, take a look at our English for everyday life course page or contact us if you have any questions.

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