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5 revision tips to make the most of your study time

Dec 01, 2015 · Posted by Laurag  | Comments (0)

Exams are just around the corner and after attending lessons and paying attention on class, it's your time to make the extra effort and give some time at home to study properly and revise what you have been taught at school.

Here 5 tips that can help you to make the most of your study time:

      • Be comfortable
        Having a nice, comfortable space to study is essential for concentration. You will spend a long time sitting and (let's be honest) doing something with might be boring some of the time, so having an appropriate surrounding will help you to face the task. Plenty of light, an adequate temperature and a good sitting spot is more than recommended. If you can, get close to a window for natural light, grab a comfy chair and blanket in case you get cold!

      • Distractions out!
        Study time can be a real pain if you are unable to concentrate, which can happen quite often if you have many distractions around you! Checking your phone or social networks constantly, or having the TV on can disturb you and not allow you to get the required concentration to move forward with your study. A room in silence would be the best option to have a good study session! So turn off the TV, block your social networks and leave your phone in another room!

      • Take a break when you need it
        Re-reading the same paragraph again and again without understanding or absorbing what is written down can mean that you need a break. Long and continuous study sessions can be very unproductive! Leaving your desk for 5 to 10 minutes every hour or hour and a half of study can give you the energy you need to continue. Grab a snack or have a little walk to prevent study from becoming boring!

      • Objectives and rewards
        Divide up all your study material and set goals for each study session, according to limits that work for you, and reward yourself if you reach these goals. For instance, if you have to study a list of 100 new words your goal might be to study 25 words each session, and then treat yourself with a nice dessert or an episode of your favourite TV show once you have accomplished it. You will see that it gets easier to reach your objectives with a little bit of practice!

      • For the exam day
        Now the day of the exam has arrived, and you should be ready!  You will need to have few things in mind for that day as well, so all the effort of the previous days, weeks or months is worth it!
        - Check that you have everything you need (ID, confirmation letter, pens, map to the exam venue...). A check list could be a good idea.
        - Go to the exam centre with plenty of time to spare.
        - Once in the exam, read all the questions carefully before starting and plan how much time will you spend for each. Start answering the questions you feel more confident about. If you freeze at any question, don't panic and move on to the next one.

Ultimately, study time and how to use it most effectively it is something personal to you. Everyone has their own little trick to make the most of it. Do you have any tips to share with us? In any case, good luck to all of you taking an exam around now

Keep calm.  

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