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BLC Accommodation: How to make the right choice

Oct 21, 2015 · Posted by blc  | Comments (0)
Now that you have decided that the next step in your English language learning journey is to spend some time in the UK, the next decision would be where to live? Choosing the right place to live could make a big difference to your experience. Here some tips to choose the best option for you: 
You are looking for complete immersion in the British culture:
Your choice should be a host family. You will live and share your stay with a family who will include you in their daily life, being one more of the household. This experience will give you the opportunity to make the most of your English learning experience, as you will have to speak in English to them, practising the language all day long. 
Apart from learning the language, you are willing to meet new people from all over the world:
In your case, a residence like Elephant House will make you really happy. Students will share the kitchen and living room, the perfect scenario to discover new cultures under one roof! The mixed nationalities in the house will ensure that there is always something new to learn from a different country as well as always practising English, the common language. You will be more independent but living with a group of people to hang or go out with.
You want to have the experience of being abroad without giving up your independence: 
A self-contained studio like our City Centre Studios will be your option! If you like to enjoy your day out in the city, but you appreciate your own space at the end of the day, this would be your place. Your own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are just walking distance from the school. In the case of our studios, they are located in a student building where your neighbours will be university students, either form the UK or other nationalities. You will be able to enjoy the communal areas and meet people if you want to, but also have your quiet place just for yourself.
If you want to know more about our accommodation options, visit our website or email us at:

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