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Bristol Balloon Fiesta!

Aug 11, 2015 · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

This past weekend, one of the most iconic festivals in Bristol took place; The Balloon Fiesta. This year, the biggest hot-air balloon event in Europe held its 37th edition and, during the 4 days that it lasted, attracted more than 500,000 members of the public to see more than 130 balloon teams participate.

The good weather probably helped this year’s festival to be considered by the organization as the most successful of its history, as the balloons ascended more than 500 times during the 4 days.

And it’s not a short history! The seed of the idea was planted in 1978, when the founder of Bristol’s own company Cameron Balloons and some of his friends  decided to celebrate the first Fiesta during a trip to the pub. And that’s how on the weekend of 7th until 9th September 1979, 29 balloons ascended for first time in Ashton Court, creating the starting point of one of the most popular free events in Bristol.

Being such an unmissable event, our social programme trip on Saturday was an opportunity to enjoy this Bristolian experience! We enjoyed the sunshine while walking amongst thousands of people at the fun fair, enjoying some live music and food, waiting for the mass ascent at 6pm (where around 80 balloons were launched) and then the Night Glow and the fireworks later on; a spectacular closing event for an amazing day! 

- Laura Garcia (Social Programme Coordinator & Student Services)

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