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The 5 best things about living in a home stay

Jan 22, 2015 · Filed under Bristol, BLC Experience · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

Best opportunity to speak and practice English

When students live in home stay accommodation, there is no other option but to speak English! We always encourage our students to speak as much English as possible with their hosts whether it be telling them about their day or getting to know them over dinner in the evenings.

Enjoy a British experience

By staying with a home stay, you are immersing yourself into British life whether that be eating English food or watching English television. Not only will the experience broaden your cultural awareness but it will also benefit your host’s too.

Local Bristol knowledge

Your home stay has local knowledge and can help you with finding a nearby post office or advising you on how to get a bus pass when you arrive into Bristol. They will know Bristol well and can tell you the best sites to see and the tastiest restaurants to visit while you are here!

Cost effective and no complications

Home stay is the most affordable type of accommodation that BLC can offer you. Not only is it great value for money, but it also takes away all the complications of finding your own accommodation in Bristol; there is no council tax to pay, no utility bills to pay and no deposits. An added bonus is that if you book half board home stay, most of your meals are provided so there are no food-shopping costs either!


Arranging your accommodation through BLC takes away the stress of looking for your own accommodation before your arrival. BLC does the hard work for you and will find you a home stay that meets your requirements.

Alexis D’Orsi, BLC Team

If you have any enquiries about BLC home stay accommodation, please email Katie at: 

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