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Christmas in Bristol!

Dec 12, 2014 · Posted by blc  | Comments (0)

Lights decorating the streets, Christmas carols in every shop, people wearing ridiculously cute jumpers… You can’t deny the evidence: IT’S CHRISTMAS AGAIN!! I love this time of year in Bristol - The city seems to become a winter wonderland where everything looks shiny and bright.

Despite this being my second winter in the UK, and coming from Spain (where I thought we celebrate Christmas pretty well), it still amazes me the effort and the passion the English people put into celebrating and enjoying these days. It’s like an explosion of festive cheer all over the place that I thought only happened in the movies!

That’s why, during this period many of the activities in the BLC Social Programme have this Christmasy theme. An ice skating afternoon and visits to some of the Christmas markets that have popped up in the area (Bristol, Bath, Glastonbury) are some of the things we have done lately. It’s the perfect occasion to discover some English traditions like pantomimes, lantern parades and mulled wine with mince pies whilst having loads of fun. It’s also quite interesting to see how the students from all over the world can discover a new way to celebrate Christmas, giving them the opportunity to find the similarities and differences between these festivities here and in their own country.

For some of the students, this will be their last few days here, so what better way to say goodbye to Bristol than having some Christmas fun? Happy Holidays to everyone, wherever you might be!!

Laura Garcia, Social Programme Coordinator 

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