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The 5 Best Things About Living at Elephant House

Nov 18, 2014 · Filed under BLC Experience · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

English, English, English! 

Elephant House has a strict ‘English-only’ policy which, I as the Warden encourage every day. Luckily the students don’t tend to speak their own language very often as there is a broad nationality mix. I think it’s very important for students to not just learn English in the classroom but also in a social environment.

New friendships

Sharing a residential house with 10 other students means sharing a kitchen and a living room together. Students that come to Elephant House quickly make friends with each other and as a result, there is a really nice community atmosphere. A lot of the time they cook together, watch TV together and socialise in Bristol together!

Independence & Respect

Elephant House is a self-catering residence which means our students cook and care for themselves. This is an opportunity for students to learn to be independent in a new and unfamiliar country whilst also learning to respect each other’s belongings and space.


Elephant House is not only a 15-minute walk to the school and the city centre but it is also close to local amenities such as supermarkets, the post office, restaurants and bars. Everything that a student could possibly want is almost always a walk away!

Low travel costs

Elephant House’s ideal location means that students’ travel costs are really low or sometimes non-existent! When students are budgeting for a study trip abroad, travel costs can be significant. Choosing Elephant House as your accommodation at BLC can eliminate that cost!

- Laura Calzetti, Student Services & Elephant House Warden 2014

To check residential availaiblity, please contact us. For more information see our page about the Elephant House,

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