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Promoting English Educational Excellence

Jul 31, 2013 · Filed under BLC Experience · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

I have always dreamed of a job with international dimensions. Having studied languages, I taught English for both private and public institutions in Russia where I acquired a love for all English especially experiences gained through studying oversees. My job aspirations brought me to London where I taught English to foreign students and at the same time I was focused on developing new markets for a number of colleges. This was an exciting role as it gave me a chance to meet many students of different nationalities and become part of their learning experience.

For many students, studying abroad can be a life changing moment. The language skills gained by students during their studies will set them on a path for future success. The decision to study overseas results in several difficult questions, such as choosing the right course, applying for UK visa, sorting out accommodation; questions which cause a lot of concern without the right assistance and guidance.

In many cases, the guidance comes from agents or education counsellors, teachers but here at BLC, I am lucky to work with both agents and students and continue the mission of helping students to choose the right path in their learning journey, as well as assisting in supporting our ever-expanding network of business partners. Visiting a wide range of countries, coupled with my experience, gives me a global insight into the requirements and needs of both students and agents.

BLC is a dynamic place - it is constantly growing and changing. I have worked on a number of exciting projects, one of which is the creation of own BLC merchandise range. After months of research and discussions, we are proud to offer a unique selection ofschool gifts, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, as a great reminder of time spent at BLC. Another fascinating part of the project is that our students were given a chance to express their views on the merchandise items through online surveys which helped us to define the popular range. And that’s another great thing about being here – a chance to express and share your ideas with others.

When I am asked what makes BLC different from other schools, it is definitely people who make it the place it is. The best thing about BLC is the diversity of people I come into contact with, whether it’s the students or the staff. We are friendly and approachable team and we do care about students’ welfare and happiness.

Nataliya Stephens | BLC Sales & Marketing Executive 2013

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