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Marco Cornacchia: A gripping experience at BLC

May 20, 2014 · Filed under Student stories, BLC Experience · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

"I've been studying at BLC for nine months as a student. I chose to come here to learn English because a friend of mine that he studied here and advised me to go to Bristol in BLC to learn English. I accepted his advice and he had reason, BLC is a fantastic school the teacher and the staff are very polite and available with the students. The social programme is well organise there three activities during the week and every Saturday they organise a trip for example London, Oxford and other places very nice.

When I arrived here for the first time I didn't speak English but now I have done improvement and I'm feeling more confident with my English than before. I like Bristol is a good place to learn English and also the people are very kind. Bristol has so many things to offer and the nightlife is amazing. To study here in BLC has been a gripping experience because when you are going to change country for nine months your mind change completely. During this months I made me a lot of friends and I enjoyed so much, I will be sad when I come back in my country because I really like Bristol and the school.  

In conclusion I recommend to all the people that want to learn English to come here at BLC because is great experience and a good school."

- Marco Cornacchia, Italy aged 21 - 2014

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