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BLC Internship : An enriching experience

Apr 11, 2014 · Filed under BLC Experience · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

I’ve been working at BLC for one month as an intern. I had always wanted to have a work experience where English is the predominant language with lots of people living in many different countries. This is a real melting pot where everyone is ready to share his culture to others.  I realized that BLC is the right place for me.

At school, every day is different, depending how busy the school is. You need to be flexible as you don’t know in advance what you will do during the day.  At reception I help Joanna with answering the phone, dealing with general enquiries, doing administrative work. In the admin office I do various tasks, depending on the needs. I like creating posters for the social programme and preparing files for Alexis or Charlotte. The most exciting day is probably Monday, when you welcome the new students in the morning. You are the first person they see at school so you have to give them the best impression you can! And then you appreciate to see them speaking with other students after their first class. You have this feeling that they already look happy to be here. At school, all the staff is friendly with students. We are happy when a student tells us that he has spent his best moments abroad, in Bristol, at BLC.

During your free time you can enjoy the benefits of living in such a wonderful city. Bristol has so many things to offer that you are not sure if you have enough time to do everything when you stay there for a couple of weeks. Finally I can say that working at BLC is an enriching experience for many reasons.

Marvin Menou | BLC Intern 2014

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