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First impressions: Studying and working at BLC

Nov 12, 2013 · Filed under Student stories, BLC Experience · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

I joined the BLC School one week ago as a student and for a little work experience. For me, it is the second time in England. I was very excited and curious about the school and my host family.  I was relieved when I met my nice host family.

My first day in BLC was very exciting because I did not know the students and the teachers. At first the new Students who also arrived and I have done a test for determination of the class. My first impression was very good because the BLC team was very nice to me and I quickly understood the conversation of the new students. We had a little walk through Bristol with a group leader. I liked Bristol very much because the city is not too big you only need minutes to get into the Centre. Everything is very close.

My first lesson was with a very nice teacher. Also I meet my new class where I stayed the next week. The Students were lovely to me and included me immediately with in the group. By the way I was very happy about that the students were so nice.

In the second week I met the whole BLC team because this week I have done my work experience. My tasks were very varied for example I worked with Laurie on the social programme in the office and on the next day went with the new students across Bristol it was good that I was not only at my desk. I can say that they definitely were very good to me when I needed help they were there immediately. I was very happy to spend my time here, if someone would ask me if I recommend it I definitely say yes.

- Nico Neuhaus (Germany, aged 17 - 2013)

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