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Achieving more than at First thought

Sep 10, 2013 · Filed under English Tips · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

Exams generate powerful outcomes and meanings for language learners. They can determine opportunities for employment, act as symbols of social status, or help people gain authoritative recognition of their hard work, while performing other important functions. The Cambridge English language exams, including the IELTS exam, are no exception.

These internationally recognised exams provide achievements that general English language courses may not offer. Just as with general courses, they hone written and spoken accuracy, encourage vocabulary range, as well as developing writing and the other skills - but they can also go further. It’s useful to remember the Cambridge ESOL exam qualifications (Cambridge First or CAE, for instance) are valid on an ongoing basis; in other words, they do not expire. Besides these practicalities, many candidates enjoy the more intensive approach.

Working with learners on such courses, it is encouraging to see people prove to themselves that they can achieve more than they may at first have thought. Focusing on specific study skills, becoming confident writing to a high standard under pressure of a timed-writing task, or clarifying goals and heightening levels of motivation are all aspects of preparing for one of the exams in the Cambridge examination suite.

At BLC, we begin afresh our day and evening preparation courses for the First (FCE) and CAE exams in September. A whole range of learners with differing levels and strengths attend these. If you are thinking of coming to BLC, you can mention your interest in your application and we will always be happy to talk through finding the right choice for you. If you are already on a course, you can ask your teachers or Jenny and Monica about joining the exam classes. If you have the chance, why not take this powerful opportunity?

Steven Peters, BLC Teacher 2014

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