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A summer at BLC

Sep 05, 2013 · Filed under BLC Experience · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

BLC summers are busy.

Students from all over the world come and go, thousands of new English words are learnt, many new friends are made and sometimes, new teachers stop by and join in with the fun. I’m Angelique, and I’m one of those teachers!

I’ve been teaching since 2002. As well as teaching in International schools and English language colleges in the UK, I have also taught in schools in Italy, Japan and Australia. The summer is always the busiest period in any English language school and so I braced myself before my first day. In my 10 year experience, the first day at a new school for both teacher and student can be both a confusing and busy time!

By the end of my first day here, I realised I had little to fear. As BLC is open 50 weeks a year, I soon learnt that many established systems were already in place. Registers, planning, tests, assessments, course books… staff room banter – you name it, it was already there! Everybody knew what they were doing and were happy to share with me what I should be doing at certain times throughout the day and week… this was very useful. I’ve worked at a number of summer schools that are overflowing in the summer, but closed for the rest of the year. This can mean lots of last minute changes, and lots of teachers – and students - not knowing what they are doing which can be pretty stressful!

As well as enjoying BLC’s systems and organisation, it has been a pleasure to meet new students from all over the world doing their best to improve their English language level. The students at BLC have proven to be particularly energetic, friendly and dedicated. An extra bonus has been meeting the teachers at BLC who have been only to happy to include me in their world of academic professionalism and… friendly banter!

Angelique Mulholland | BLC Teacher 2013

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