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A typical untypical day

Jun 06, 2013 · Filed under BLC Experience · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

I begrudgingly wake up (I’m not a morning person) and make my way to work. As I walk through pretty Queens Square, I think to myself, I should see who the statue is of the man on the horse. I enter the imposing red brick BLC building with the bright green sign. I warmly greet our receptionist Joanna with a BIG smile and ‘MORNING’. I go to my desk and drink my first cup of coffee for the day, with St. Mary’s Redcliffe Church standing proudly out the window to my left.

My computer tells me I have a full inbox with many queries from agents and students; I spend a lot of time at my desk answering emails. But I have good people around me; I sit with Laurence the Accommodation and Welfare Officer and our new member of staff Charlotte the Group Coordinator.

The students like to pop their head into the office to say hello or if they need some help. No request is the same, it can be quite tricky especially if it’s a busy day, and today is one of them. On demand I have to know Student Visa details, Embassy rules, prices of tuition and accommodation, course dates, names!

And then it’s quiet again, just the radio playing in the background of the office and the sound of us in the admin department working away until the next mad rush! 

Alexis (Admissions Officer and Team Leader at BLC)

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