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Being an intern at BLC

Mar 04, 2013 · Filed under BLC Experience · Posted by admin  | Comments (0)

Having worked as an intern at BLC for six months, I have come across a number of various tasks. In my job you need to be very flexible and ready to learn new things.

I started as the person who does the copying and scanning, who prints out student handbooks, goes to the post office and tidies up the classrooms at the end of the day. Over time I was given more responsibilities and the job became much more exciting and challenging. For example I now help with digital marketing which includes creating the schedule for Facebook and Twitter posts, I upload pictures from the social programme on our website or send the online feedback forms. I also help with accommodation, mainly with provisional bookings for the Summer Junior Programme.

Being an intern at BLC has given me the opportunity to become familiar with various administrative tasks and I have even been offered a part-time job as Admin Assistant when my internship’s finished. I am looking forward to the new experience!

Alena Kaposvaryova | BLC Intern

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